I am a business card collector from Melbourne, Australia. For many years now I have been collecting business cards and calling cards of famous and well-known people around the world. I have gathered the majority of them from either writing to the person or by purchasing them from auctions etc.

One day as I was sifting through the cards I realised that many people now would never have heard of the names on these cards. Indeed, often I had never heard of them either until I saw them up for auction/sale, or searched for people to write to. I also realised that since these cards are kept in folders in my room then they rarely ‘see the light’.

So that is the purpose of this site: to share the cards that many well-known (and lesser known) figures have used throughout history. The older calling cards were often very personal, being held by and written on by the person them self.

The only cards I’ve neglected to post are the ones still in use by the person today, for obvious reasons.

I hope they offer an interesting insight into a rather odd but fascinating personal and social side of historical figures.

– Steve