Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe
Achebe’s business card at Brown University. He became a Professor here in 2009.

Achebe Pic

CHINUA ACHEBE (1930 – 2013)

Nigerian Author

Achebe is considered the Father of African literature. His 1958 novel ‘Things Fall Apart’ is regarded as the most famous African novel written in English. He became a Professor of Literature and Africana studies when he moved to the United States in the 1990s.


Ernst Nolte

Nolte’s personal business card as Professor Emeritus.


ERNST NOLTE (1923 – 2016)

German Historian

Nolte was a famous European historian during the 20th Century. He was particularly known for his work and interpretation of Fascism and Communism.

Doreen Massey

Massey’s business card.


DOREEN MASSEY (1944 – 2016)

British Geographer

Massey was an influential geographer and social scientist. Her work was often viewed through Marxist and Feminist lenses, and her ideas about ‘place’ were particularly important. She was awarded the Vautrin Lud prize in 1998 – regarded as the ‘Nobel Prize for Geography’.