Doreen Massey

Massey’s business card.


DOREEN MASSEY (1944 – 2016)

British Geographer

Massey was an influential geographer and social scientist. Her work was often viewed through Marxist and Feminist lenses, and her ideas about ‘place’ were particularly important. She was awarded the Vautrin Lud prize in 1998 – regarded as the ‘Nobel Prize for Geography’.


Louis de Broglie

De Broglie’s calling card from the 1940s. It is inscribed by him.
De Broglie’s calling card, signed in 1979.


LOUIS DE BROGLIE (1892 – 1987)

French Physicist

De Broglie was one of the major scientists of the 20th Century, especially during the physics revolution of the 1910s and 20s. His most influential ideas were in quantum mechanics and the wave-particle duality of light. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1929.

Arthur C. Clarke

Clarke’s personal business card from the 1990s. It is also signed by him.


ARTHUR C. CLARKE (1917 – 2008)

British Author

Clarke was one of the giants of 20th Century Science Fiction. He wrote the screenplay and novel of 2001: A Space Odyssey in collaboration with Stanley Kubrick, as well as the Rendezvous with Rama series. He was also a noted populariser of science.

Thomas Weller

Thomas Weller
Weller’s business card as Emeritus Professor. It is also signed by him.

Thomas Weller Pic

THOMAS WELLER (1915 – 2008)

American Biologist

Weller was a scientist who specialised in virology. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1954 for his work on the Polio virus, which ultimately led to the development of the first successful vaccine by Jonas Salk.

Edward Teller

Edward Teller
Teller’s business card from when he worked at the Hoover Institution, after 1975. It is also signed by him.

Teller Pic

EDWARD TELLER (1908 – 2003)

Hungarian-American Physicist

Teller is known for his work in developing both the atomic and hydrogen bombs. He was part of the Manhattan Project during World War II, working with Oppenheimer to create the Atomic bomb. Afterwards, he was one of the main contributors to the development of the Hydrogen bomb in early 1950s. This earned him the title of ‘Father of the Hydrogen Bomb’.

Norman Borlaug

Norman Borlaug
Borlaug’s business card, signed in 1992. He held this professorship from 1984.

Borlaug Pic

NORMAN BORLAUG (1914 – 2009)

American Biologist

Borlaug is considered one of the most important figures in the Green Revolution as he helped countries such as Mexico and India to increase food security. This saved millions from starvation and he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970.

Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore
Moore’s personal business card from the 1990s.

Moore Pic

PATRICK MOORE (1923 – 2012)

British Astronomer

Moore was one of the most well-known astronomers of the 20th Century, popularising the science from the 1950s via television and radio shows, and numerous books. He hosted the BBC show ‘The Sky at Night’ from 1957-2012, a record for the longest-running TV show with the same presenter.