Prince Alfons of Bavaria

Alfons von Bayern
Calling card of Prince and Princess Alfons of Bavaria. The black border means that the couple were in mourning.

Alfons von Bayern Pic

ALFONS OF BAVARIA (1862 – 1933)

German Royalty

Alfons was a member of the Royal House of Wittelsbach. His Grandfather was King of Bavaria. He reached the rank of General of Cavalry in the army. His wife, Louise D’Orleans was also born into a royal family, the French House of Orleans.


Antonio de Oliveira Salazar

Salazar’s Calling Card from when he was Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs (1936-1944).

Salazar Pic


(1889 – 1970)

Portuguese Politician

Salazar dominated 20th Century Portuguese history as he was Prime Minister of Portugal for 36 years between 1932-1968. He is often regarded as a dictator who prevented many freedoms via police and censorship.

Alphonse Daudet

Alphonse Daudet
Daudet’s calling card signed and inscribed by him.

Daudet Pic II

ALPHONSE DAUDET (1840 – 1897)

French Novelist

Daudet was a famous 19th Century author who wrote short stories (‘Letters from my Windmill’) novels (‘Fromont and Risler’) and non-fiction (‘In the Land of Pain’).

Edward Everett

Edward Everett
Everett’s calling card as Ambassador to Great Britain, around 1841.

Everett Pic

EDWARD EVERETT (1794 – 1865)

American Politician, Diplomat and Educator

One of America’s greatest orators, Everett spoke at the Gettysburg address right before Abraham Lincoln. He was also Governor of Massachusetts and Secretary of State.

Washington Irving

Washington Irving
Irving’s calling card when he was posted to England in 1831.

Irving Pic


American Author and Diplomat

One of America’s great early writers. Irving wrote such pieces as ‘Rip Van Winkle’ and ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’.